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Meet Gogo Akopyan

Gogo has studied Astrology and chart interpretation for over 11 years with over 6 years of application and practice, resulting in her being one of the most top-rated Astrologers in Los Angeles featured in LA Times, OkCupid, People,  PureWow, and is being considered for the Host of Glamour Magazine's new celebrity-based Astrology web series.

She specializes in birth and relationship (synastry) chart readings, although she can interpret any type of chart under the stars!: transits, progressions, composite, etc. With a Literature and Arts & Humanities degrees, Gogo combines the inescapable mythology behind Astrology, with the groundedness of the apparent cosmos that are rooted in reality and science.

A spiritual guide like no other, Gogo can help you navigate through challenging aspects within your personal charts) and maneuver through planetary movements and configurations that safeguard inner and outer events and assist with inner growth, without the generalized and sugar-coated version that is found on the internet. Leave her readings with insight, direction, healing, expansion, and evolution.


Personalized Birth Chart Readings, Predictions, Compatibility, Advice & Insight

Welcome to Lilith On Top Astrology, the place where you can get personalized birth chart readings, predictions, compatibility analysis, advice and insight. Gogo is an expert in the power of astrology to help you understand yourself better and make informed decisions in different aspects of your life. She offers detailed and highly accurate birth chart readings that cover different areas of your life where you need the most guidance. She uses her intuition and expertise to provide you with personalized advice and insights that can help you move forward in a positive direction.

Areas of expertise include:
In-Depth Birth Chart Readings
& Compatibility
Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Forecasts
Past Life, Career, Finance, etc.

Sessions may be in-person or conducted online to ensure the most convenient and comfortable experience for you.


At Lilith On Top Astrology, we offer a range of personalized astrology services to help guide you on your life journey. Packages are available. All readings are live & done virtually.

The Starship: A General Reading

A personalized overview of all the major planets, aspects to them, the houses they are placed in, and their meaning as it relates to YOU.  (1 hour)

Put a (Saturn) Ring On It: Synastry Love Chart

Analysis of compatibility and relationship based on your personal and significant other's birth charts. We can assess indications of karmic, soulmate or twin flame connection.

The Martian: An Express, Focused Reading

A brief reading of a topic of your choice from your birth chart (e.g., love, career, past life, life path, etc.) (30 minutes)

Deep Space Traveler: Asteroids & more!

An in-depth study of your birth chart that details all of the main and minor asteroids and how they further fine tune your personality.  (45 minutes)

Better Safe than Starry: Monthly/Yearly Forecast

A predictive interpretation of your personal planetary transits that may affect mood and govern actions during a particular time span. This helps with inner growth planning and safeguarding inner/outer events.


Transit Chart

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Birth Chart




Progressed Chart


Health & Wellbeing

Contact Me

I'm always happy to hear from my clients. If you have any questions about my astrology services or would like to schedule a personalized birth chart reading, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You!

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